Firefox & Responsive Testing

Someone no­ti­fied me of a prob­lem they were hav­ing test­ing a re­spons­ive site us­ing Fire­fox. The site wasn’t shrink­ing in the browser win­dow. The me­dia quer­ies were in place, but noth­ing but the ho­ri­zont­al bar kept com­ing up. However, my Fire­fox (16) worked fine along with my oth­er browsers. I did some dig­ging around and … Read More »

Using Advanced Custom Fields

Us­ing ACF to make Word­Press more user-friendly for my cli­ents has been fun. What I’ve come across with this plu­gin and oth­ers like it is the pat­tern of any field oth­er than the text or text box work­ing prop­erly. I worked in both Fire­fox and Chrome and had this prob­lem hap­pen to me. If I try to use a … Read More »

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