My HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is hand-coded. Since the introduction of HTML5, I use se­mantic elements to support browser accessibility. I don’t use tables for layout or excessive divs. I use inline SVG as well. I use a version of the coding methodology called BEM.

10+ years experience.

Javascript + jQuery

I can read and ma­nip­u­late Javascript. I use jQuery most of the time—referring to their docs to get things done. I’ve installed and implemented sliders, parallax, and other website features that require javascript for years without a problem. I don’t use any frameworks like Vue or React.

10+ years experience.


CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets) is my favorite language of them all. I’m very comfortable with it and I use modern code like Flexbox, Grid, and custom properties. For CSS animation, I rely on libraries like Animate.css and use javascript to trigger the events.

10+ years experience.


I love PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). I can write ba­sic functions, use and create vari­ables, and in­clude files. I’m far from a PHP developer. Most of my work with PHP is through WordPress development. I’ve developed many WordPress themes and plugins from scratch, and I currently use my own parent theme/framework to create child themes.

10+ years experience.

WordPress development

I’ve developed WP themes and plugins from scratch You can download my themes and plugins to see for yourself. My themes and plugins support the Customizer, menus, widgets, and blocks. I also have Multi-site and WooCommerce experience.

I code with WP best practices in mind. I use functions like wp_register_script to register javascript. When building a new theme or plugin, I define('WP_DEBUG', true) to catch any errors. I also use the WP Theme Check plugin to note any issues with my code.

10+ years experience.

Responsive web design

By default, all my websites are responsive. I use CSS media queries and multiple break points based of the content instead of the standard screen widths.

I use responsive images with the scrset and sizes attributes to serve smaller images to smaller screens.

Because speed is important on mobile, I’m quite good at getting a high score with website speed tests like GtMetrix, Google Page Insights, and others. See how I do it.

10+ years experience

Browser testing

While most of the browsers are beginning to use the same rendering engine, we still need to test in browsers to ensure our websites render correctly. I use the browser inspector on Chrome and Firefox to debug and fix layout issues. I no longer support Internet Explorer. I do support Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, IOS, and Android.


Since I work with WordPress quite often, I have to setup databases. I’m comfortable creating a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin, dropping tables, importing and exporting data, and editing tables.

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