When visitors arrive at your website and see blank screens, no text, and no images, it suggests to them that either your site is broken or still loading. Whatever the reason, if your website doesn’t show them something within 3 seconds, most people start to leave.

Today, the smartphone is where more people view the Internet, and mobile data speeds can vary. Therefore, it’s important your website loads fast on smartphones.

What makes websites slow?

The following things make a website slow and causes the empty white screen:

  • You have files that delay visuals (rendering)
    • third-party ads
    • scripts (JS) and styling (CSS) files
  • Your website hosting
    • server is too far from your visitors
    • server is slow
    • database is fragmented
    • database hasn’t been cached
    • server resources aren’t compressed
    • server isn’t telling the browser to cache files
  • Your images are too large
    • images from cameras tend to be huge in size and resolution
    • images in the wrong format can be bigger than necessary
    • image optimization is often skipped

What I’ll do

I can make sure your visitors see immediate progress upon entering your website like your logo, images, and text—no white or empty screens.

My service includes

  • Image optimization
    • Image lazy loading
    • usage of responsive images
    • compress images to a smaller size
    • swap image format for smaller one
  • Database optimization
    • de-fragment the database
    • remove old post revisions
    • delete spam entries
    • remove any unnecessary data
  • Caching
    • database caching
    • leverage browser caching
  • Content delivery network (CDN) setup (we use Cloudflare)
  • HTML, CSS & JS “minification”
  • CSS and JS combining
  • Prevent styles and scripts from blocking rendering
  • Inline critical CSS
  • Switch to HTTPS
  • Change web hosting services (optional)

The main goal:

  • I’ll get you a passing score with the major website page speed testing services:
    • Web Page Speed Test
    • Google Page Speed Insights
    • GT Metrix
  • Render screen content under 3 seconds so the visitor sees progress

Get started

All WordPress websites are different. The more plugins and complexity of your theme the higher the cost will be. An upfront deductible $99 fee is required to assess your website. Afterward, you’ll fall into one of three categories:

Small Biz—$749

Mid Market—$999