Why WordPress is the best platform for business websites
WordPress powered websites can save businesses money in frequent minor maintenance, and with thousands of plugins, it can extend the functionality of their site at a lower cost. Listen to more of my reasons in this podcast.
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Website startup solutions for small budgets
Learn about the various options available for startup businesses who need a website, but have a small budget.
The hidden costs of do-it-yourself website solutions
While these services can save a small business money, they come with some hidden costs you need to be aware of: Time, ownership, control, migration, and sales.
How to speed up WordPress and pass the Google Page Speed Test
Updated: Feb 2021 In order to speed up your website, you need to do the following 10 things. This will not only help you pass the Google Page Speed te Read more
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AdBlock blocks WordPress images
I was using the WordPress plugin Force Regenerate Thumbnails to change the dimensions of product images on an ecommerce website. After makin Read more
Website colors matter!
This infographic was developed by Webpage Ex. It’s an insightful look into color psychology. Your choice in colors effects your customers. This Read more
Marketing your service-based business the smart way
There are several low-cost and smart ways to market your business, but you must first start out on the right foundation.
Why a mobile website is necessary, especially for restaurants
Some businesses (especially restaurants) lose out because their websites aren't updated for mobile users. People really do use mobile phones and tablets to browse your website.
Visitors don’t buy on the first visit
By asking for your visitor’s name and email, you can retain their contact information and build a relationship with them after they’ve left your site.
Visitors judge your site’s credibility by its design alone
Stanford University started a research project called the Web Credibility Project in which they discovered and noted: “People quickly Read more