Mac is for designers?

I’m tired of de­sign­ers think­ing Mac com­puters are for cre­at­ive things, as if Mac isn’t your tool of choice, something is wrong with you. I much prefer the PC, here are my reas­ons: I can de­lete a file with just one key The Home and End keys work prop­erly when nav­ig­at­ing a doc­u­ment I can man­age … Read More »

More about HTML5

I thought this was an informative article for non-tech folks who have questions about HTML5. The HTML5 Doctors decided to answer them (without the techno-jargon): What is HTML5? Why has HTML5 been invented? How many HTML5-compliant browsers are there? Is HTML5 just about mobile? Will HTML5 kill Adobe Flash and mobile applications? Is HTML5 incompatible … Read More »

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