Security certificates for speed and your customer’s peace of mind
If you sell anything online, transfer sensitive data, or you want your website to load faster, you need to have an SSL installed.
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Mobile Coding Cheat Sheet
This is the beginning of another cheat sheet, this time, for mobile coding. A mobile design is basically a miniature copy of your desktop designed sit Read more
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Coding HTML Emails
If you haven’t coded for email clients, you’ll learn that you have to go back to tables and use a lot of repetitive inline CSS. The following is t Read more
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Refreshing & Formatting XML
In a recent client project, it called for videos with play lists. I used Longtail’s JW player to handle this. The setup required XML files for the p Read more
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What web designers do
Some people are surprised at the amount of work, skill, talent, and time that goes into building a professional website. The following information wil Read more
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I wanted to understand the new HTML5 tags. This is a record of my studies and doesn’t include every new element and attribute. <article> This Read more
How to build a successful charity website Pt.3
In the last part, we discussed how to get support, but maintaining support is the primary goal. To do this, you’ll need to give your supporters thre Read more
How to build a successful charity website Pt.2
OK, so now that we have answered the biggest questions in supporters’ minds, we have to make a way for them to support. Donate, volunteer and suppor Read more
How to build a successful charity website Pt.1
How is this done? Well, we begin by answering the two most often asked questions by supporters and potential supporters.
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Using Advanced Custom Fields (plugin) for SEO
If you’re already using the Advanced Custom Fields for clients and you want to incorporate SEO fields for clients, I add this code to the <he Read more