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Using Advanced Custom Fields

Us­ing ACF to make Word­Press more user-friendly for my cli­ents has been fun. What I’ve come across with this plu­gin and oth­ers like it is the pat­tern of any field oth­er than the text or text box work­ing prop­erly.

I worked in both Fire­fox and Chrome and had this prob­lem hap­pen to me. If I try to use a field to up­load an im­age or au­dio, some­times it works and some­times it doesn’t. Or, some­times the fields show up in the ad­min for me to use and some­times they don’t. But as far as the text or the text­box field, these work some­what con­sist­ently.

I don’t know what it is, but I just chalk it up to a lim­it­a­tion, and that plu­gins can be some­times un­re­li­able. I checked the for­um and no one else seems to be hav­ing that prob­lem so I don’t know what the deal is. However, I will say that ACF is the bet­ter out of the two I’ve tried. I will con­tin­ue to use the plu­gin and search their for­um to help on this mat­ter.

A couple of notes to make about us­ing it:

You have to up­date whatever post/page you use the field on after you make a change in the theme us­ing AFC. Also, as men­tioned be­fore, I should stick to the text and text box fields only, the oth­ers get a little weird. Also, us­ing this plu­gin res­ults in a bug in Web­kit browsers where a double con­tent box ap­pears. Hope­fully they will get this fixed.

Up­date: To make the fields work prop­erly, you have to re­order them in the backend. Even if the or­der out of or­der, just the mo­tion of re­order­ing the group and then sav­ing them some­how fixes the prob­lem. Not sure if this will al­ways be like this but though.