I’m a pas­sion­ate cre­at­ive who’s con­stantly think­ing about the user’s ex­per­i­ence (from desktop to mo­bile) and the cli­ent’s goals; all in clean, se­mant­ic, search-friendly code.

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Skills: Languages

  • HTML+CSS 12 yrs

    Hand-coded, of course, with se­mantics in mind, both are my strongest lan­guages. However, I don’t have a lot of ex­per­i­ence with CSS an­im­a­tions just yet.

  • PHP 12 yrs

    Ba­sic vari­ables and in­cludes are the ex­tent of my abil­it­ies with PHP along with cus­tom quer­ies, post types and func­tions in Word­Press theme de­vel­op­ment.

  • jQuery 12 yrs

    While I can’t write javas­cript, I can ma­nip­u­late it, so I use jQuery ex­clus­ively to get what I need ac­com­plished. jQuery’s API docs have been very help­ful to me.

Skills: Tools

  • PhotoShop 12 yrs

    This is my tool of choice where I’ve de­signed fli­ers, bro­chures, b-cards and web­site mockups. I’ve even cre­ated vec­tor art here as well. I love Pho­toshop.

  • Advanced Custom Fields 7 yrs

    ACF is a Word­Press plu­gin that al­lows me to take full con­trol of the WP ed­it­or screens & ex­tend the field data mak­ing WP easi­er to use and a true CMS.

  • DreamWeaver 12 yrs

    This is my cod­ing tool of choice be­cause it al­lows me to or­gan­ize my web­site pro­jects and FTP from one place. I hardly use the WYSI­WYG ed­it­or though.

  • Browser Inspector 5 yrs

    I hardly use the WYSI­WYG ed­it­or be­cause it’s nev­er ac­cur­ate. Mod­ern browsers, however are the way to go. Chrome’s browser in­spect is my fa­vor­ite tool.

  • Browser Stack 3 yrs

    This is a SaaS that al­lows me to check my sites in mul­tiple devices from desktop to mo­bile in a vari­ety of browser ver­sions on vari­ous op­er­at­ing sys­tems.

  • Cpanel + phpMyAdmin 10 yrs

    I’m com­fort­able go­ing in­to phpMy­Ad­min to im­port a .sql data­base file, or modi­fy­ing the .htac­cess, set­ting up data­bases manu­ally and more.


With over 12 years planning, designing, coding, testing and maintaining desktop/mobile web interfaces and content, I’m confident I can handle your next project.

  • Mobile/responsive web design – 3 yrs
  • WordPress theme development (from scratch) – 10 yrs
  • WordPress plugin development – 3 yrs
  • Information architecture – 10 yrs
  • Prototyping and wireframing – 5 yrs
  • UX Website design – 10 yrs
  • Email design and coding – 10 years
  • Cross-browser testing – 10 yrs
  • A/B split and user-testing – 3 yrs
  • PSD, XD to HTML/WordPress – 7 yrs
  • Third-party integration (APIs and such) – 3 yrs