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Mac is for designers?

I’m tired of de­sign­ers think­ing Mac com­puters are for cre­at­ive things, as if Mac isn’t your tool of choice, something is wrong with you. I much prefer the PC, here are my reas­ons:

  • I can de­lete a file with just one key
  • The Home and End keys work prop­erly when nav­ig­at­ing a doc­u­ment
  • I can man­age files from vir­tu­ally any file win­dow (re­name, du­plic­ate, de­lete)
  • Ma­jor soft­ware up­grades ar­rive first for PC
  • There are many more soft­ware solu­tions for the PC
  • I can build my own PC, I can’t build a Mac

Here’s why most de­sign­ers use Mac: be­cause Apple and Steve Jobs told them so.

Apple has bril­liant mar­ket­ing! So much so that de­sign­ers don’t wanna be that corny dude in the busi­ness suit, they want to be that oth­er cool guy in the jeans. I love those com­mer­cials, but I’m not go­ing to let them pro­gram me and make me think that something is wrong with PC.

The reas­on I use PC is be­cause most people use PC. Look at the stats on Glob­al Stat Counter and you’ll al­ways see Mac linger­ing in the back­ground com­pared to PC. Wouldn’t it be best to de­vel­op web­sites in the same en­vir­on­ment the rest of the pop­u­la­tion works on?


The Dif­fer­ence

At the end of the day, the only dif­fer­ence between PC and Mac is that Mac has cool­er hard­ware design and an amaz­ing GUI — that’s all — just ex­ter­i­or style and jazz.

Oh, and they say PCs get vir­uses and Macs don’t. Well, I have vir­us pro­tec­tion, so my PC doesn’t get sick. And the only reas­on why vir­us are pre­val­ent for PC be­cause what hack­er is go­ing to waste his time writ­ing some ma­li­cious code for an OS that barely has 10% of the mar­ket. And don’t bring up the prob­lems with Vista, Mi­crosoft re­deemed it­self with Win­dows 7.

Many de­sign­ers have turned their noses up at me when they dis­cov­er that I work on a PC. At the end of the day, it’s a com­puter, it’s a tool. And if you don’t have enough RAM or a fast enough pro­cessor, it will snail, freeze and crash like any oth­er com­puter without the ne­ces­sary stuff to make it work.

Bot­tom line: I’ve used the Mac, but I prefer PC. Mac isn’t ma­gic­al, Mac doesn’t make you cool, Mac isn’t for de­sign­ers — it’s just a shinny and ex­pens­ive al­tern­at­ive to a PC, noth­ing more.

By the way, this kind of ap­plies to all Apple products. When the iPhone came out, I just waited. When the iPad came out, I just waited. If you wait, oth­er com­pan­ies will soon be selling the same kind of tech. You don’t have to have an iPhone, or an iPad, there are near equi­val­ents for much cheap­er. At the end of the day, think of these things as tools, not toys and you’ll save money and not think of your­self more highly than you ought be­cause of the brand of your device.

Big-ups to Apple and Steve for lead­ing the tech in­dustry in cool products.