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How to build a successful charity website Pt.2

OK, so now that we have answered the biggest questions in supporters’ minds, we have to make a way for them to support.

Donate, volunteer and support links should be easily found on the website. I’ve seen some sites lose these important links in complicated navigation, and I’ve seen them presented boldly and clearly on many other sites. These links need to be large, so that people can find them. I suggest they be in three different places as well: on the sidebar, main navigation and the footer of the webpage. Let’s talk about each link and its page:

Donate page

Often labeled “Ways To Donate”, this page should detail the many different ways a supporter can give whether it be monetary or goods. When monetary, it should show options like: “one time donation”, or “become a monthly sponsor.” It should also include the different ways to send the donation: postal mail/check, phone/credit card, and securely online by e-check, credit or debit card.

Different monetary amounts should be listed: 20, 50, 100, 500. It’s important to reiterate on this page where the money is going, the tax deduction benefits, and how the donor is changing the world.

The donation form should be slimmed down to require only the essential information. Very long forms are a deterrent for online givers. If you require more information, it’s best to follow up in a thank-you call and acquire it this way. Finally, you can maximize the form’s potential by including additional check box options like: “add me to the newsletter”, and a “I want to make a anonymous donation.”

Volunteer page

This page should detail the volunteer options. It should highlight any specifications that are required beforehand to help the volunteer know what they’re getting into. You can include a FAQs section to answer any more questions as well. Volunteers should be able to apply directly on the website. Once again, keep the form short, if there’s a need for more information, you can follow up with a thank-you call.

Finally, let the volunteer know how their help will strengthen the cause and make a difference in the world. You can include a testimony of how a volunteer’s life was enriched because of their support. This can be added to the same sign-up page, but sometimes, because of room, it can be placed on the thank-you page after the volunteer has pressed “send.”

Privacy Policy & Contact Options

Both the donor and volunteer pages should include a privacy policy link discussing what you will do with their personal information. It’s also important to give supporters the option to select how often the charity can contact them whether it be monthly, quarterly or annually.