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Moving from to https on WordPress: My process

I’ve moved many WordPress sites from http to https. The easiest ways are as follows:

If you’re hosted with SiteGround, they have a one-click option and it’s all done. The security certificate is free too.

If you’re not on a host that automatically does it for you, and there’s no free SSL, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Cloudflare and get a free CDN account. The free account provides a certificate.
  2. Follow the settings within Cloudflare and turn on https.
  3. Then install the plugin “SSL Insecure Content Fixer” or something similar
  4. Check your website for mixed content errors, fix them if necessary.
  5. When there no errors, you’re good to go.

Cloudflare and the plugin will fix any additional content on your website Cloudflare can’t change to support https. There’s no need to do a search and replace to update all your URLs but you can do that if you want.


  • Sometimes you need to hardcode the site URL and site directory to get things to work.
  • Sometimes you need to keep your URLs at http in the database for Cloudflare and plugin to give you the desired results.