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WordPress Theme Support

I see these job ads for as­sist­ance with Word­Press themes. Usu­ally the per­son wants some ad­di­tion­al func­tion­al­ity ad­ded, or it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. In most cases I’m as­sum­ing the user pur­chased the theme.

Wheth­er they pur­chased them or not, I just wish these theme de­velopers would be avail­able to

  1. fix their own bugs and
  2. of­fer ex­ten­ded ser­vices so that users don’t have to go out and look for sup­port and ser­vice else­where.

Isn’t it best for the theme cre­at­or to ex­tend his own theme? I think theme de­velopers could make a ton of money if they offered ex­ten­ded ser­vices for their themes.

Just get­ting this off my chest.