What is Usability?

It’s im­port­ant that your web­site be simple and easy to use, if not, your vis­it­ors will be­come frus­trated and soon leave. Here are a few guidelines that we fol­low based on our re­search and ex­per­i­ence: The User Ex­per­i­ence: Avoid us­ing pop-ups. Users hate an­noy­ing pop-ups win­dows, so we avoid them; but as al­ways, there are … Read More »

What are Web Standards?

Is your web­site up to stand­ard? It’s im­port­ant that your web­site com­ply with the latest stand­ards – you could be los­ing vis­it­ors. Web Stand­ards were cre­ated by the World Wide Web Con­sor­ti­um (W3C) so the Web would work bet­ter for every­one. A site built to web stand­ards should be lean, clean, CSS-based, ac­cess­ible, us­able and … Read More »

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