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From Firefox to Chrome

I’ve been a loyal Firefox user since it first came out, but Chrome has beaten it. The biggest reason why I switched was because of speed. Firefox takes up entirely too much RAM. From version 4 to the latest version 6, FF has been sluggish. Now, of course, I could just purchase more RAM and speed things up, but I’m limited on my laptop and therefore the switch to Chrome.


Chrome has most of the features and web developer tools I used with Firefox. The one thing I miss about Firefox is the multi-text select function. I loved being able to select and copy only the parts of content I needed and not have to remove the parts I didn’t want. Oh well, maybe Chrome will add that feature in the future or maybe there’s an extension.

The one thing I love about Chrome since it’s first release was that each tab was its own program (so to speak). So, if one web page crashed due to a Flash plugin or some other JavaScript error, or if it was too slow, it wouldn’t slow down the entire browsing experience and I could kindly close the problematic tab without it crashing my entire browser.

I’ll still use Firefox for testing of course — it still is the second most popular browser — but I think Chrome will be my primary browser for surfing the net on my laptop.