I will convert your PSD Or XD Concept to a WordPress Theme

In addition to each page you purchase, you’ll receive the following templates for FREE:

  • Standard page
  • Blog page
  • 404 page
  • Search page
  • Archive page

I’ll include these features for FREE:

  • Drop menus
  • Sliders and carousels
  • Gallery / video lightboxes
  • Tabbed content and accordions
  • Tooltips and modal popups
  • One Form (up to 10 fields)

Your finished theme will be:

  • Fully responsive
  • Widget ready
  • Custom menu ready
  • Built search engine friendly
  • Web standard coded
  • Plugin friendly (no theme conflicts)

NOTE: Your themes are guaranteed to look like your mock-ups or your money back. I’m a designer like you and understand accurate rendering of your concept is necessary.

Service Details

All themes comply with WordPress standards. Cross-browser compatible, hand-coded, semantic, and tableless.

I’ll convert any amount of your PSD or XD website concepts into a standard compliant, responsive WordPress theme.

In addition, you’ll receive an archive page, blog page (single.php), standard page (page.php), search result page, and 404 page. These pages make up a complete theme. These pages will be based on the header and footer and style of the main pages you want me to convert and left to my discretion.

If you have specific ideas, for example, for the single blog post template, please include this layout in your files and it will count as an additional page to convert.

You don’t need to provide responsive layouts for each page, I’ll make sure they adapt to screen sizes at my discretion. But if you have specific ideas, please include a mobile view in your files.

Cross-browser compatible.

I’ll make sure your themes are fast and cross-browser com­pat­ible (see how I make sites fast) I sup­port IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Sa­fari, Op­era, Fire­fox, Windows Phone, IOS 5+, and An­droid 4+. I support older browsers like Internet Explorer if requested.

Built on WordPress Standards.

I code with­in WP stand­ards, which means all themes are wid­get ready and util­ize all of the core func­tion­al­ity of Word­Press. The JS and CSS are en-queued by WP stand­ards as to not con­flict with fu­ture plu­gins.

Latest coding methodologies

Uses BEM and SMACSS coding methodologies.

Examples of my work:

Other information to consider:

Early pro­ject in­volve­ment

When deal­ing with com­plex pro­jects, it’s im­port­ant to in­clude me in on the con­ver­sa­tion to dis­cuss the re­ques­ted func­tion­al­ity and the design dir­ec­tion be­fore you go to the cli­ent. Some­times my in­put and sug­ges­tions can pre­vent a whole lot of head­aches down the line.

De­vel­op­ment and Serv­ers

Pro­jects are built on my serv­ers but un­der your com­pany’s sub-do­main. You will have ad­min level ac­cess to your Word­Press theme pro­ject throughout de­vel­op­ment. I do currently re­com­mend the fol­low­ing serv­ers: SiteGround, FlyWheel, and WP En­gine. VPS solu­tions are re­com­men­ded for high traffic web­sites or re­source in­tens­ive Word­Press plu­gins.

Pro­ject Check­list

Make sure your design files meet the fol­low­ing qual­i­fic­a­tions:

  1. This en­tire pro­ject’s files are in ONE zip file (this in­cludes font and stock im­ages)
  2. The web design is in a .psd, .ai, or .xd doc­u­ment (sorry, no Sketch).
  3. All ele­ments you want to be coded are DE­SIGNED.
  4. Lay­ers that con­tain text are ED­IT­ABLE
  5. Lay­ers with ef­fects are ED­IT­ABLE.
  6. The PSD file’s res­ol­u­tion is at 72 DPI.
  7. Any lay­ers that have no use have been re­moved.
  8. Any stock im­agery are pur­chased and in­cluded.
  9. A list of rel­ev­ant URLs have been made either in Base­camp or in­cluded in the zip file
  10. A list of rel­ev­ant codes has been saved either in Base­camp or in­cluded in a zip file.

You can email me a zip file or send me a link to Base­camp or Google Drive or any oth­er file shar­ing ser­vice.

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